Sunday, 25 August 2013

Went to my first trade show today! The Spa & Beauty Expo. It was awesome! Different to IMATS, as it’s trade-only, and has different brands. The brands today were geared towards salon and spa owners moreso than makeup lovers, so there were a lot more skin care, tanning and nail brands than you’d see at IMATS. Was so fantastic though!

The first photo is my pass, eee :D Then the Girlee Cosmetics stand. They’re who supplies our kits at TAFE, and the bright pigments in the photo look amazing! I’m thinking they might be good dupes for the new Sugarpill line, since the quality was amazing compared to what I’ve read about Sugarpill’s.

Then the gorgeous display at the Color Club/Ruby Wings stand, lovely ladies outside with balloons highlighting the way to the expo, and the bottom photo is my haul! I went crazy at OPI, and worked out afterwards that I saved about $80 off RRP, and bought a few Color Club/Ruby Wings polishes too. Bought lots of eyelashes since they were so cheap, as well as a new lash fibre mascara set to try. The rest is mostly tools for my kit and samples! Also received a $50 gift card from You by Sia (no idea how far it’ll get me), and a few discount cards to use online later on. So fantastic!

It was a great few hours, and I’m so glad I ran into my friend from TAFE! Hanging out with her made it even better. I cannot wait for IMATS now, I’m even more excited than I was before, if that’s even possible!

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