Saturday, 16 November 2013

Mecca Cosmetica’s Newest Beauty Loop Benefit - Beauty Loop Boxes!

At the end of October, all Beauty Loop (Mecca Cosmetica’s loyalty program) members received an email announcing the introduction of an exciting benefit for all members, the Beauty Loop Box. These boxes will be available every three months, contain sample-sized goodies, and are completely free! A really interesting and exciting perk. I’ve been so impressed with Mecca lately; from lowering prices to be more in line with American pricing, to these lovely boxes! They are available to all Beauty Loop members, and there are three different kinds, based on which level you’re on (which is based on how much you’ve spent with them). I’m a Beauty Loop level 2 member.

I picked up my box today from the relatively new Mecca Cosmetica store in Balmain, since it’s technically my closest store, and was awestruck when I entered the store. Seeing all of the gifts for the holiday season displayed beautifully was so exciting! I didn’t buy anything today, just browsed and picked up my box, but I’m so excited to return once I have money to spend! The boxes can be picked up in store or included with your online order if you quote the promo code as you’re checking out.

On to the box:

The shop assistant opened the box in front of me and talked me through the products, which is definitely handy if you’re someone who may not know a lot about skin care (she explained the benefits of the ExfoliKate sample in detail, for example). So there’s a WEI hydrating face treatment pad, Kate Somerville ExfoliKate sample, Diptyque perfume sample, and a mini NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Aigle Noir. There’s also a card that walks you through the products included, why they love them, and how to use them.

Aigle Noir is a beautiful black with really visible gold shimmer, and the pencil is so smooth and pigmented!

I’m really excited by the introduction of these boxes - they’re a fantastic treat for dedicated customers, and a different take on the subscription boxes that have been gaining in popularity lately. The most exciting aspect is that Mecca carry such luxurious brands, receiving samples of such products feels particularly thrilling.

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