Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Models Prefer Highlighter in Glitz & Glamour

This highlighter is available from Priceline for $9.99. There are four shades in the quad (duh) and despite being called a highlighter quad, I’d argue that this quad has you covered in terms of blush, bronzer AND highlighter.

You can see that I’ve swatched each shade individually in the third photo. The first shade is a lovely option for a shimmery blush, the second and fourth shades would work nicely as bronzers, and the third and lightest shade would work well as a highlighter. 

Even if you don’t painstakingly try to just get one colour on your brush, mixing them all together works nicely as well. That’s what I’ve done in the photos of myself, and I think it adds a nice pop of colour as well as shimmer to your cheeks.

The texture is smooth and fine, and the colours are very opaque. But no so opaque that it presents a problem when applying them to your face! Blended all together and diffused using a brush, they look a lot more subtle.

If you’re not a big blush/bronzer/highlighter person, this is a lovely and affordable introduction to that area of makeup.

Product kindly provided for consideration, but all opinions are my own.

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