Saturday, 8 February 2014

This is one of Face of Australia’s Glossy Lip Crayons, and this shade is Raspberry Coulis. It costs $4.95, and is currently marked down by 20% at Priceline. These crayons are available in seven shades, and are a limited edition product.

I like this shade a lot, because it’s similar to my natural lip colour, but a bit brighter and pinker, perfect for summer, and perfect for a casual makeup look. In the swatch photo, the swatch on the right is one swipe of the product, so it’s fairly opaque on its own, but adding multiple layers is easy enough.

As the name suggests, these have a glossy finish, and are somewhat moisturising. They smell slightly sweet, but it’s not an overwhelming or unpleasant smell. The bottom of the pencil twists to reveal more product, which is so much easier than sharpening it.

These are a bargain, especially with Priceline’s 20% off, and the range of shades means anyone can find their perfect summer colour.

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