Sunday, 9 February 2014

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencils in Corvina, Violet and Pomegranate

I received Pomegranate in one of Sephora’s Favorites boxes, Give Me More Lip, bought Corvina from Sephora a few months later, and bought Violet from Style Patisserie as I was writing this review the first time. You can find these at Style Patisserie for $29.95 each, the Iconic for $36.95 each, or Lipstick Republic for $36.95 each. They cost $24 from Sephora, so the price difference (in Style Patisserie’s case, at least) isn’t too distressing!

Bite Beauty is a really interesting brand: all of their products are completely edible and cruelty free, and they have a Lip Lab in New York where you can create a custom lipstick for yourself.

These pencils are automatic ones, which makes things so much easier. They are indeed highly pigmented, and very creamy and easy to apply. I love lipstick pencils because they allow you to follow the curves of your lips easily, and I really love these pencils. They are moisturising, and smell and taste faintly fruity. The range of colours is fantastic (Violet looks like a light Radiant Orchid shade!) and these wear well on the lips for a few hours without reapplying.

I haven’t tried all the lipstick pencils there are in the world, but these are the best ones I’ve tried so far! 

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