Sunday, 16 March 2014

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in Purple Poison, Spellbook and Zombettie; Graveyard Glitters in Rainbow and Red

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is an indie company I heard about on /r/MakeUpAddiction, and being a lover of liquid lipsticks, I had to try these ones out. They’re based in the US but ship internationally for $10. The liquid lipsticks are completely vegan and cruelty free, come in eight shades and cost $11 each. The glitters are cruelty free, come in four shades and cost $6 each.

The glitters are made up of fine particles, and apply best by dabbing them gently. They aren’t safe for the immediate eye area, but can be applied everywhere else. I particularly like the rainbow one, with its multicoloured sparkle, and the red one looks great for a fancy, glittery lip look.

The liquid lipsticks are gorgeous! The range of colours is fantastic (and for those of you enjoying the resurfacing 90s trends, right up your alley), and it’s great that they’re all cruelty free. They’re extremely pigmented - you almost don’t need to apply a second layer, but I always do just in case. The applicator is a the standard doe-foot applicator you find in lipglosses, and it’s easy to apply the product with. 

They have a matte finish, which does highlight cracks, but if you exfoliate and moisturise before applying it won’t be as noticeable. They don’t emphasise cracks as much as other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, and they also aren’t as drying. My lips are pretty fussy when it comes to staying hydrated, but didn’t feel dehydrated after applying like they do with many matte finishes.

If you’re after a pigmented, unique and cruelty free product, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics’ lipsticks are definitely for you. They have a new lilac lipstick coming out soon which looks gorgeous. If anyone picks it up, let me know!

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